LotVA's Fleet Tracker For Canadair CL-600-2D24 Regional Jet CRJ-900LR (ES-ACK)

Aircraft General Info

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Name: CRJ900
Fullname: Canadair CL-600-2D24 Regional Jet CRJ-900LR
Registration: ES-ACK
Range: 0
Weight: 0
Cruise: 0
Passengers: 88
Cargo: 0

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 1106
Total Hours: 3
Total Flights: 1
Total Cargo Carried: 84

Current Aircraft Location

Latest 15 Flights List

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Date Landing Rate View
LOT8251 EETN LWOH 3 09/13/2018 -359 View

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Available Flights

No Flights Scheduled with this aircraft!