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Pilot Roster

Here you will find a complete list of the LOTva pilots


Discover and choose from our extensive range of destinations or select the service you desire to initiate your journey.


LOTva fleet consists of various types of aircraft. Only with the best fleet can we fly to 63 destinations worldwide.


If you have any questions, you can visit the forum where other pilots will share with you their knowledge.

Welcome to LOTva !

Polish Airlines LOTva - best virtual IVAO airlines

At the beginning of 2017, we asked ourselves; "What, the best airline we missing?"

Answering this question, together with a group of enthusiasts of virtual aviation, have created a virtual Polish Airlines LOTva, Best IVAO Virtual Airline.
Lotva airline granted a wide network of connections from the main air hub in Warsaw, taking You on a flight to 63 exciting, around the world and domestic destinations.
Our domain is the freedom to self-improvement, presenting the highest possible level of professionalism. A specially designed tracking sytem LOTvAcars with a friendly interface will make your time more enjoyable during flight operations

Join us and fulfill yourself as a pilot in the Polish Airlines LOTva

Greg Matys

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LOT1483 to ENGM - Konrad Witkowski

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